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COACH ENIO: Today’s Drill: The 3-on-2 Triple Drive Offence

By Enio Sacilotto on January 10, 2015

With the speed of today’s game and forwards tracking back (backchecking) so hard on the puck, having a trailer on a 3-on-1 or a 3-on-2 situation doesn’t work anymore. What does work is having all 3 forwards driving the net (triple drive) and activating a defenceman to join the rush and initiate a 4-man attack. The triple drive forces the defensive players low to defend their net, opening up a pocket for the 4th man of the attack.


F1 enters the zone wide at the dot (with speed) into the Offensive Zone, F2 drives the net from the middle lane, attempting to position himself on the inside shoulder of the D man. F3 dot drives the net from the outside lane. The triple drive forces D1 and D2 back, creating a pocket for D1.

F1's options are (in any particular order):

  1. shoot 
  2. pass across the F3, 
  3. pass to F2 driving
  4. hit D1 in the pocket, and 
  5. drive the net.


If F1 doesn’t have any of those 5 options available, he does a delay and tight turns back looking for late players.

Two drills to practice the triple drive and 4-man attack

Drill 1: Fort Wayne Fly

This a 3-part progression that can be used as a warm-up drill. Part 1 is a 1-on-0, player goes wide, can shoot or drive the net. Part 2 is a 2-on-0 with both players driving the net. Part 3 becomes a 3-on-0, with the emphasis on the triple drive.


On Whistle, 1 and 3 go over tire (or a pylon), then under tire and get pass from opposite line F, skate full ice and get a shot or drive the net. Next Whistle 2 and 4 go.




2 men go from opposite corners.

3 (1) goes wide, 3 (2) up the middle, gets pass from opposite side, 3 (2) passes to 3 (1), who stays wide and goes in for a shot, 3 (2) middle drive to the net for a rebound.

W other side goes.

STEP 3 - 1 corner goes at a time


Same as step 2, but 3rd man joins rush from the same line, but comes LATE.

3 (1) goes wide, 3 (2) up the middle, gets pass from opposite side, 3 (2) passes to 3 (1) who stays wide, 3 (2) passes to 3 (3) wide then 3 (1) and 3 (2) middle drive to the net for a rebound. Can have players use the different options.

Rotate groups 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Drill 2: D activate 2-on-1


This is a great drill to get your defencemen to join the rush and jump up into the play.

Once the concept of the triple drive and the D jumping up to make a 4-man attack, coaches can then run 3-on-1 and 3-on-2 drills to make situations more game-like.

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By Enio Sacilotto| January 10, 2015
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